Once Upon Ade is a ‘Living Creative Portfolio’, or collection of ideas and creativity. Since I believe life is a creation of inspirational moments, why not compose all those moments into a single source. Not a bad idea, huh?

Within this blog/creative forum you will be able to experience art work designed and developed through various mediums. Oil paint, water color, acrylic, Prisma-color marker, stencil, pen, charcoal, various 3-D design and web based programs as well as through literature. But don’t worry, Once Upon Ade is also filled with moments expressed through photography.

Last, but surely not least, Once Upon Ade is a story. A story with countless distinct¬†experiences both good and bad, leading or culminating to one moment when ‘Once Upon Ade’ transforms into a fairytale reality.

Enjoy LCP and if you like- leave us a comment.

Thank you~

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