Research! Think! Reflect! Breathe! Think again! Eat! Research! Breathe! Think…Repeat!

There is so much information in my brain. So many thoughts and ideas. This book will be so powerful when I figure out how to pull from every single event that transpired in my life. OMG, there were so many events. Looking back and listening to the passionate stories that my mom just poured on me I realize that I was raised in a rich household. Not monetarily, but with love and protection. Despite all.

Please pray for “Once Upon Ade’ ” to develop into a book that isn’t just for the author, but for the reader as well. The reader must be first.

Once upon Ade will be a “once in a lifetime” read.


Life Back East…(this chapter is going to be deeper than I thought)

So I just had a sit down with my mom after a long day of helping my father repair some wooden steps on his porch. Boy was it a sit down. I had to interject and tell my mom that enough was enough. She informed me that my life back East was a lot deeper than I remembered….revisions, revisions and so many revisions.