Any bets??

It’s been 62 days since my return to American soil. It was nice stepping out of the car and seeing smiles on the faces of my friends and family. Eating my fave’s such as ‘Cheeze-its’ and Kettle Jalapeno Chips has also been a blissful experience.  However, if my talents don’t get recognized soon I won’t be able to continue consuming these marvelous treats for much longer.
So how will it take? I’m not shaving until I get found… or an interview at least.
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What do you think? Please critique.

quick sample of '42' by Ade Craig
quick sample of ’42’ by Ade Craig. 10.17.2013

This is just a quick sketch of how the painting ’42’ will look. Please don’t criticize the detail, it’s just a quick sketch.
Birds- represent flying away, freedom. Returning home after a long, hard life. New beginnings and a new life. Chance.
Broken Chain- represents freedom and withstanding pain. 42 years of having the same chain wrapped around your body.
Dark- represents alone. Solitary confinement.
Man in the dark- represents regret and time. Time to think. Time to reflect on the past. All the time in the world when you are in prison.
Bars- represent prison
Colored fist- represents the struggle which Herman Wallace was. Black Panthers.
The fist will be the only part of my painting that has dominant colors. The fist should be in color to signify that his struggle lives on. Everything else will be in black, white and a very light pearl. This will be an oil painting.