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Okay, so OnceUponAde has some pretty BIG items on the docket. Well, maybe minute to you the reader, but big in the eyes of moi.  1.)       The first item pertains to SLIM, which has been submitted to the ‘International’ Scriptapalozza Screenplay Contest. After countless rewrites and critiques, WE the good folks at OnceUponAde feel […]

Stage One of the Audi Commercial Graphic!

So, I am going to try and create graphics for all my short stories, screenplays, short films and commercials. Many of us see and imagine concepts and ideas better through various visual means. Therefore… Down below is Phase One of a concept I am designing for the Audi Motors commercial script titled,  “REBEL” Please leave […]


I say ‘partial’ because unfortunately we live in a world where one’s intellectual property is virtually anyone’s property up for grabs… And this script is way too delicate for me to take that risk. Sorry everyone, but I will say this, several individuals who have read it said they have never envisioned anything quite like it. […]