Image borrowed from Google
          Image borrowed from Google

Levee. What levee have you formed around yourself that prevents the grind of life from washing you away? Everyone needs to have a levee. Without it you are exposed, vulnerable to the mighty current. For me, my levee is built with the absence of movement. When I sit down, breathe a true breath and translate what my soul declares through beautiful words that cost nothing. I’ll admit though, the moment I take that cold seat in front of my computer, the very thought of having to construct a levee is spiritually daunting and physically arduous. Each dense bag of sand I stack upon the previous adds protection, but still an incomplete levee leaves me susceptible to the relentless flood. Wave upon wave crashing down, the flow tugging at my will. Only during the ebb am I able to regroup and continue stacking. Eventually the embankment that besets me grows taller and taller, until I am in my own world.


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