A Better Place Beyond The Clouds…

Imagine you’re on a plane. You have a window seat. You raise the cover on the window and a rush of light pours in. You gaze out on the stratosphere. White fluffy clouds blanket the sky, stretching into the endless distance. Now, the captain makes his announcement. The plane is about to make its decent. You follow the flight attendants instructions. You raise your tray table and seat back to their upright, fixed positions. Time passes and the next time you look out the window, there’s a city awaiting you down below. From this vantage point it looks so nice and organized. Colorful houses neatly laid out with trees and pools. The world below looks so inviting, so decent, so promising. But you know it’s not. Because you live in it. You know the world can be cold and unforgiving where people die unexpectedly and kill one another for senseless reasons. But your plane is making its decent toward that chaos. My aunt, someone’s mother and sister, no longer has to deal with that world below. She’s finally free. And you wanna know something, I think she opened the door to her new residence with a smile of relief on her face. Not relieved to leave her love ones behind, but the relief to be free of the worlds pain. She is with the lord, in heaven, and there is no greater place.


The Polls

Worked the polls today. And boy were they long. But I met some amazing people. Met a 99-year old lady. She was just four months from having lived a century. I met a 94-year old man and just now, I shook hands with a 92-year old woman who was just as spry and giggly as a school girl. There really is a certain beauty to have lived and seen all those years.