Isabelle & Levi (A short story conjured on the plane)

The rain fell for so long. And since darkness had occupied so much space in their lives, it was hard for either to imagine a day when the sun would actually shine again. But in time, through silent prayers and things hoped for, a day came where their eyes witnessed the sun breaking through the dark billowy clouds above. On this day, the last Sunday of a most arduous year, the San Diego sun rose to its highest point in the sky. By mid morning, all the earth below was doused in soft light. Dead corners of society where dark shadows crept now sprouted with new life. Birds high up in the trees sang beautiful melodies that the elderly, scattered in bushy parks below, made their calculated chess moves to. With the rain now surely an afterthought, the residents of San Diego looked to one another, smiled and breathed sighs of relief… That is all but one couple.

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