I say ‘partial’ because unfortunately we live in a world where one’s intellectual property is virtually anyone’s property up for grabs… And this script is way too delicate for me to take that risk. Sorry everyone, but I will say this, several individuals who have read it said they have never envisioned anything quite like it. […]

Oh Snap!!! Audi script refined once again, plus AUDIO files embedded!

Okay, so if you are a follower on my Facebook page then you probably saw my tribute to Carl Sanderson for his opinions which became my inspiration. Patrick Leslie also gave me some key ingredients that made this Audi RS7 dish more delectable. So here it is. The two audio files run at different marks […]

SLIM 2???

For those of you who read part one of the latest screenplay I scripted called ‘SLIM’, prepare for a potential part 2. While in the shower, I had an epiphany to draw out SLIM further, into  a sequel, most likely as a short film. I am thinking approximately 20 or 30 minutes, but that can all change. […]

Updated AUDI Commercial Idea

As with all literary endeavors; concepts and ideas perpetually change. Not to mention overlooked grammatical errors were found:( Below is the updated Audi Script. VIEW SCRIPT UPON REQUEST WGA Registration Number: 1710684 We changed the car to the one you see above. More intense color and experience, because after all, our driver is a working class man escaping […]