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Always Running

You may be asking yourself why is Ade` reading so many books regarding gangs, thugs and street life; that’s because I found my new calling. Psyche. Let it be known that I couldn’t survive a day on the means street of any metropolitan city. However, what I am trying to do is accumulate as much knowledge […]

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3 Days after an extremely encouraging review, SLIM has been revised and updated…again.

Professional Evaluators words: “SLIM is an ambitious character-driven drama that is emotionally resonant and artfully told. Depending on the casting opportunities, this project can garner significant commercial consideration.” Can I get an AMEN?! The Holy Spirit was and still is carrying this project. The evaluator also gave me several weaknesses in the script that I believed have […]

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Updated Copy of Slim

SLIM: the story of a Ugandan family struggling to survive in the midst of the ‘SLIM’ epidemic, while a young American man seeks reconciliation with his past, has been updated. A pdf link is provided down below for your viewing pleasure. VIEW SCRIPT UPON REQUEST Registered with the Writers Guild of America, West. Registration# 1697586

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