Always Running

You may be asking yourself why is Ade` reading so many books regarding gangs, thugs and street life; that’s because I found my new calling. Psyche. Let it be known that I couldn’t survive a day on the means street of any metropolitan city.

However, what I am trying to do is accumulate as much knowledge as possible about the ‘ins and outs’ of gangs. How they operate? Why they exist? What factors make a person turn to gang life? Is it possible to ever escape and return to a “normal” life?

My current script/screenplay that I am having a beast of a time structuring and outlining is titled, “TO MISS THE MARK”. So these books are simply critical as they have and will hopefully continue to answer many of the questions that have already materialized while plotting this story, as well as the ones forthcoming.

So here is a current book that I am reading called, ‘Always Running’ La Vida Loca: Gang days in L.A. Luis J Rodriguez has an ability to wistfully hurl you into the street life, fortunately bypassing any and every brutal initiation. Great read so far, kudos to the writer.



3 Days after an extremely encouraging review, SLIM has been revised and updated…again.

Professional Evaluators words: “SLIM is an ambitious character-driven drama that is emotionally resonant and artfully told. Depending on the casting opportunities, this project can garner significant commercial consideration.

Can I get an AMEN?! The Holy Spirit was and still is carrying this project.

The evaluator also gave me several weaknesses in the script that I believed have now been addressed. Check it out, I believe it is a touching story that could inform you on things that perhaps were previously unbeknownst to you.

Outdated Version: (REMOVED for copyright reasons)  (current version is SLIM1.51. A teaser link is listed in the Scripts and Stories page)

As always, my work is registered and protected.

Updated Copy of Slim

Slim simple cover

SLIM: the story of a Ugandan family struggling to survive in the midst of the ‘SLIM’ epidemic, while a young American man seeks reconciliation with his past, has been updated.

A pdf link is provided down below for your viewing pleasure.


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