Why I came back home.


“You’ll be back. I’m giving you a few months until I see you in Asia again,” my friend said to me as we shook hands and parted ways.

The one constant question that I have incessantly received isn’t the one asking whether I miss living overseas or what country would I love to return to. Nor has anyone asked me if I miss the various exotic foods or unique culture. Believe it or not, not a single soul has asked me if I miss the way my life used to be on foreign soil. Kinda strange, if you ask me. Those are the typical questions that I expect to receive.

Without fail, roughly twice a day I am asked by friends and some family alike, ‘why I chose to come back home… a.k.a America’.

Just the other day I was sitting in the back seat of my friends new car. It looked and smelled like a Dodge Durango. In my opinion certain new cars have distinct smells. During my college days as a valet I was able to develop a weird ability to recognize cars by their smell. This aroma that my nose was inhaling was undoubtedly a Dodge of some sort.

We were on our way to the ‘SRC’ to play some basketball. The SRC is the student recreational center at Arizona State University and it just underwent some seriously renovating. “How long has it been since you’ve been to Tempe,” my friend asked. “Man, at least 7 years,” I reply as I realize how fast time flies. The side streets and alley ways that I used to take to class were no longer recognizable. “Remember this place?” my friend asked. “Umm, wasn’t that place…uh, I don’t  know,” I said. “Haha, that used to be your dorm,” he said as he chuckled. “No way! All those memories I created in that place and now it’s a freaking parking garage,” I say in a somber voice. I was quickly realizing that things were different. The people whom which I associated with were now either married or married with children of their own. Places I ate at were no longer in familiar locations. I was gone for quite some time. It would have been foolish of me to expect life to pause and wait for my return.

“I’ve been meaning to ask you, why did you come back,” my friend asks. There had been a silence in the car for the last minute or so. Ostensibly, we were all admiring the plethora of new ASU facilities or perhaps we were preparing our minds to win some basketball games at the newly remodeled gym.

I took a deep breath simply because yet again I was confronted with this question. My spirit knows the reasons why I returned home, however, formulating this response into words was something that I did not know how to do. The SRC was coming up on our left and in a matter of seconds we would be out of the car and lacing up our shoes. My friend who was in the drivers seat looked up and peered into the rear view mirror. This time he wasn’t checking to see if any cars were behind him. He was curious to find out what was distracting me from answering the simple question that he had just asked. “Did you hear what I said?” he asked. “Yeah yeah, I’m just trying to figure out how to answer it,” I replied with a look of bewilderment.

Why I came back… (check back in later:)


What’s your idea of ‘bliss’?


Something isn’t adding up right. This is my third, positive, energetic, hopeful day in a row. Oh no, what’s in store for me in the coming future? Good things? I sure hope so. Enough with the negativity, until that time comes I am enjoying the moment. This moment!

Here’s to a great day of physical basketball and now winding down with a nice bottle of ‘yellow tail’ Moscato, left over spaghetti that yours truly prepared and a nice ‘extra cold’ bag of ice for my knees.

Be well everyone. Once Upon Ade is definitely well~

Longing to return to a previous point.


Longing to return to a previous point in ones life where pure bliss occupied all the space around you. That’s how I felt today. The minute you cross that door which leads to this feeling, your current issues and complaints that were once blocking your view on life, fall to the ground. While this feeling is amazing, you know that it’s only a moment. You penetrate deeper into this new space and you smile. The smile is not directed toward any individual. It’s a smile representative of the way things used to be. Carefree. A lot easier. Reckless. Your eyes expand and begin to examine everything that has substance. The beautiful young girl at the desk beside you who asked for your ID. You want to say something sweet to her, but this isn’t your space. You feel weird because you know this is all temporary and eventually you will have to venture back to yours. How would two people from two different times connect anyway? She returns your card and this time your smile is specifically for her.

There are people entering your borrowed space. There are also people leaving. This perfect environment has so much life. Perhaps more life than your current life has. It’s like the ocean during a colossal storm. Inside your mind there are a million sparks or flashes of reflection crashing into the rocks of your memory. It’s hard to focus on the present. The present is disappointing compared to now. Structural layouts are still similar to how they were when this was your space. Be that it may some colors are different, former thoughts and emotions are still instantly summoned up. Your nose inhales distant aromas from a time when you didn’t have a care in the world. Times when everything revolved around you. Team me. Too long ago. You continue to explore the space and gaze at how so much has changed, yet so much remains the same. The parts that have not changed give you hope. Change is inevitable, no matter how much we try to push it back.

Interacting with people from this temporary space is the hardest. Small conversations are shared about how things used to be. They explain to you how things are. A deep sigh and a head shake later and you realize how short life really is. Obligated to share a bit of knowledge from a distance place outside of this temporary bliss, you tell the inhabiter to enjoy every moment of ‘now’. You are not the first to share this and the current inhabiters of this space respond accordingly. Time passes and your body begins to tap on the clock. Just like Cinderella, the clock has struck and it’s time to back track your steps and leave the same way you came in. It’s hard to leave. Why leave? Walking down the corridor you can see reality around the corner waiting for your return. Waiting in the same fashion that a parent waits by the door for their child. One last deep breath, smile and head shake and it’s over.

Nostalgia in full effect.

Research! Think! Reflect! Breathe! Think again! Eat! Research! Breathe! Think…Repeat!

There is so much information in my brain. So many thoughts and ideas. This book will be so powerful when I figure out how to pull from every single event that transpired in my life. OMG, there were so many events. Looking back and listening to the passionate stories that my mom just poured on me I realize that I was raised in a rich household. Not monetarily, but with love and protection. Despite all.

Please pray for “Once Upon Ade’ ” to develop into a book that isn’t just for the author, but for the reader as well. The reader must be first.

Once upon Ade will be a “once in a lifetime” read.