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Levee. What levee have you formed around yourself that prevents the grind of life from washing you away? Everyone needs to have a levee. Without it you are exposed, vulnerable to the mighty current. For me, my levee is built with the absence of movement. When I sit down, breathe a true breath and translate […]

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Road Kill_slightly revised.

This is a 4-page short I wrote a few nights back. After receiving some good constructive advice, a few changes have been made. Check it out. Road Kill Log-line: VIC reflects on life while lying on the side of the road.

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Please disregard the beard, nappy hair and jagged nails in dire need of a manicure. However, please regard the fabulous (yes I said fabulous) new business card, designed by yours truly. This new sleek 1.75″ by 3.5″ slim business card was printed using the services at Check em out!

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-Untitled excerpt-

A watery fluid slowly filled around the cusps of her eyes like cold seawater rising behind old round copper rimmed windows of a sinking ship. I glanced to my right, not once taking my peripheral vision away from the dark, slippery road that snaked left and right like a serpent preying through brush. Time had […]

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The Plight Of Us All…

Written by Ade` Craig A closet is filled with five charcoal colored suitcases emblazoned with the Samsonite crest. My mother’s three bags are larger than the two of mine. She attributes this lopsidedness to her sexuality. “Sometimes I wish I was a man. Us woman have so much to consider when traveling,” she’d say while […]

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For those of you who know me well, know I love to write. All I need is a cup of warm coffee, my computer and I’m golden. Well, that plus my headphones. Not to mention a solid Internet connection in order for Spotify to stream a relaxing melody into my ears. Yeah that’s it. Good […]

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