Here's what's trending…

Here's what's trending…

Okay, so OnceUponAde has some pretty BIG items on the docket. Well, maybe minute to you the reader, but big in the eyes of moi.

 1.)       The first item pertains to SLIM, which has been submitted to the ‘International’ Scriptapalozza Screenplay Contest. After countless rewrites and critiques, WE the good folks at OnceUponAde feel confident that the script could garner some significant attention. Fingers crossed, God willing.

 Other screenplay contest deadlines:

International Scriptapalozza Screenplay Contest (Submitted 4.25.2014)

Austin Film Festival (4.30)

Slam Dance (Approaching)

The Blue Cat (8.1)

 2.)       Commercial scripts ‘All I Need Is One’ and ‘REBEL’, have both been highlighted in numerous letters that have been forwarded to advertising and literary agencies. WE the good folks at OnceUponAde pray that one day through various mediums (modestly speaking, the SUPERBOWL perhaps) the world can lay eyes on these pioneering illustrations.

3.) Upcoming screenplays and shorts to watch out for:


Currently a Short, possible feature(Writing)

 Logline: An indebted ex-prison guard enables Myles, a former hoodlum, to be released from prison hours earlier, eluding the unbeknownst hit placed on him by his old set. Wanting out, Myles attempts to disappear with his wife and daughter, but it’s blood in blood out, and so Myles is forced to hideout in a church.



Logline: Two Chicagoans, childhood friends, now living overseas in opposite hemispheres, have eerily paralleling lives, which converge in a fortuitously mysterious way while they both struggle to return home.

4.)  Upcoming commercial scripts:

 REWIND, A Skype Commercial (Writing)

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