My name is Ade and I'm a runner

ImageMy name is Ade and I’ve been running all my life. I’ve ran on canals. I’ve ran up mountains. I’ve ran along river banks. I’ve ran on the shores of several beaches. I’ve ran from dogs. I’ve even ran from a bear, believe it or not. A big brown hungry grizzly bear, but we will speak about that later in the book. Like many men, I’ve ran from relationships only later to turn around and try to run back to them. I’ve ran from big spiders crawling across my living room carpet. Spiders really have a way of getting you to pick up your legs and drive your knees into your chest. Sounds like high school sports all over again. I’ve ran from responsibility and tried to pin the negative results on someone else. I’ve ran from competition, then regretted being smaller than ‘mini me’. Thanks Skip Bayless for that one. I’ve ran from my actual height which is somewhere between 5’9″ and 5’10”. The insoles that I wear probably aren’t needed anymore. However, that extra inch is crucial. I’ve ran from family when all I needed to do was run to them. I’ve ran from reality. I’m still running from reality. For 30 years, I can regretfully but honestly say that I have been burning tread on countless athletic shoes. For what?

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