HATE THE SIN, LOVE THE SINNER: The Depravity of Individuals in Leadership Roles.
A premonition of a diminutive man, purposefully marching into our store, then beeline-ing it to the back where furniture is displayed, only moments later having the audacity to approach me with smiles and paronomasia, then shake the hand of a man whose job he planned on eradicating – is what I felt before coming to work this morning. And that is exactly what happened.
Okay, that was a freakin long sentence. I apologize, but today was a beast of a day. I mean why GM’s, CEO’s, VP’s or whomever wields power, have yet to figured out that the more deference they show to their so-called respected employees, who coincidentally satisfy the imperative customer, in turn equals a whole latta mulla in their bankkula. (made up words:)
As degrading as it sounds, staff will work like modern slaves for a boss who shows appreciation. Which is why I feel a real leader, hates the sin, but loves the sinner.
For all intents and purposes, we’ll call him T. T was a good friend of mine. Still is. Never a confidant, but nevertheless, a man I came to like and appreciate. To make a long story short, T, gave me a job when countless individuals and institutions passed one me. Am I ridiculously qualified? Probably not, but T didn’t care. He knew my personality and recognized my tone of voice, which contained a moderate amount of desperation.
Today, the aforementioned diminutive man fired T. T didn’t believe me when I told him that I felt the diminutive skunk was going to make a surprise visit today. And quite frankly, I myself didn’t know where I got the notion.
Ironically, before this all transpired, T and I were having a conversation at the register about the plethora of men coming out, disclosing their homosexual status. As T and I are both men who hate the sin, not the sinner, we merely shared our opinion on the matter and nothing more. Rumor has it, T was fired because of the way he handled a situation month’s prior, involving a corrupt employee who skillfully and maliciously took advantage of the employee workman’s compensation system. To this day, nearly a year later, this individual is still collecting a check.
Some say T should have fired this individual but he didn’t. Perhaps a shrewd businessman would have washed away the contaminated member and still had his job. However, T did the opposite and gave the man the opportunity to continue working. Sadly, good people get taken advantage of everyday, hour and minute.
T deplored the sin, but gave the sinner a second chance. Unfortunately, our courageous, selfless actions aren’t always held in high regard on planet earth.

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