Pops got sand.

Pops got sand.


Today’s generation is a different generation entirely.

I just walked into the house after sharing a beer with my father. Actually, we didn’t share a beer. He had his pale ale and I had my regular ale. Also, before I walked into my house I watered my mothers plants in the front yard. If anyone read my posts from a few days ago then you will fully understand how important those plants in the front yard are to my mom.

Anyway, todays generation is different. The grit just isn’t there. Guys are pretty and dainty. They are generationally weak. In today’s society we often see these extremely large men, pumped with something that you and I both know can only be bought in Mexico, and although they are hard on the exterior, their interior is anemic. By anemic, I am referring to their mental. Men who aren’t willing to jump into a shark infested pool in order to save the dame. What happened to men like James Franco from ‘127 Hours’ who cut his arm free from two rocks in order to survive. Oh, and did I mention that he successfully achieved this horrific feat with a dull pocket knife made in CHINA? That’s called balls people! Okay, hold up. I don’t know if I could do that, but you can see what I am getting at, right? I’m not a gambling man, but I would bet that the majority of us men, myself included would say, “F#$k it” and let the lizards, snakes and hawks pick us apart. Seven weeks later, our decomposing bodies would be found with a note beside them saying, ” I love ya Sally. Kiss the children for me”. (spoken in a southern accent).  What happened to the ‘whatever it takes’ generation?

I am thirty years of age. Not proud of it, but I need to start accepting it. From here on out, one thing is ever so certain…I will be getting older.

Now the generation that is lacking ‘sand’ as the slave master from ‘Django’ so eloquently put it, is the generation that was born 22-23 years after I was. Or the generation ‘Z’ as I have heard it called several times. Now, I’ve read that there hasn’t been a specific conclusion as to the exact date that generation ‘Z’ began, but many say that somewhere between the mid 1990’s or 2000’s to present day is accurate. However, for the purpose of this post, I am going to call generation ‘Z’ the 90’s babies.

Now to my father…

My father is from a totally different generation. The war generation. He lived through the Korean War, Vietnam War, all the wars in the Middle East and whatever other conflict that I am leaving out, he probably was alive to experience it. Lately, I have been stuck in these unusual emotional positions. All day today I just couldn’t find that rhythm that would have allowed my day to be semi-productive. When my mother came after her class, I was in such a bad mood that I robbed her of the proper welcome home hug and kiss that she deserved. My disposition was ugly. So I decided to hit the gym and exercise my way out of this rut.

Exercising is usually my method of relieving stress and drifting to a place void of my current issues. However, once the session is over, all those problems and complications come floating back into my mind. So today, on the way to the gym I decided to call my dad. Our conversation went well. It was short and straight to the point. “Dad I had a long day and I need to talk with you. After the gym, I am going to come by your place and pick you up. We can go grab a beer somewhere and have a talk,” I said. “Sure, sounds good,” my dad replied.

At the gym as usual I handled my business, showered and then headed to my dads place. It’s been 4 years since my father and I shared a beer. Too long if you ask me.
We went to UNO’s. Remember that place? UNO’s used to be the spot. But not anymore. The minute the door opened, I was surprised that real live humans were sitting on the bar stools and in the booths.

My father and I picked a spot at the bar. I forgot my phone in my car so I told my dad to sit down first and look at the menu while I go grab my phone from the car. I quickly grabbed my phone and hopped on the chair beside my dad. I was a little hungry so I order a caesar salad. I am trying to eat healthy these days. My dad said he had already ate at home., so he just ordered a beer.
Tonight the Broncos were playing the Ravens on the big screen. As usual Peyton Manning broke down the opposing teams defense. My father and I were laughing at the way he moves on the field. The man is old, but he GETS THE JOB DONE! While both our eyes are starring at the television I tell my father that I feel like I am on a tread mill going nowhere. ” My life has no purpose,” I say to him. He looks at me with his hard Philadelphian eyes and tells me to go on. I continue to explain to him that the past two years have felt like a nightmare. “I’m losing at everything,” I tell him. “Even basketball”, I jokingly say! “I need an breakthrough in life. A unbelievable big intervention to come crashing into my life,” I tell him. After a deep sigh my dad chuckles and says that, “at the end of the day, if that is the worst you got it then you have it made. “Whatever you are going through in you life, you gotta deal with it,” he says. “Get tough, think more and get out of your own head,” he animately explains to me. “If you have to take a job that is not to your standards, then that is something that you are going to have to do,” my father says.

The conversation between my father and I lasts for about 2 hours. We dart back and forwards between various conversations regarding women, football, employment and family. The Broncos are destroying the Ravens and Peyton Manning takes his last knee. I tell my dad that we should head out of here. He agrees and I pay the bill. On the way home my father tells me that this too will pass. “Nothing lasts forever,” he says.

My father isn’t the only man with grit. I am sure that there exist millions of men who would get down and dirty to survive or provide. Guess how far my B&#$%ing and moaning will take me? Ummmmmm….nowhere.

Although there are many aspects about my father that I dislike, he isn’t weak. Dude is mentally and emotionally strong.

Pops got sand!

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