The encounter in the shower. (A brief and very quick account of events)

The encounter in the shower. (A brief and very quick account of events)

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Characters: Jesse, Ade (myself) and the random (interested) guy in the locker room.
Note: This story in no way, shape or form represents the way I feel towards homosexuality. I’m neutral to the subject. Some people say that it’s a sin and according to the Bible it very well may be, however, who am I to judge? I love people, homosexuals included. The forthcoming words are simply describing what took place at the gym on Tuesday night, nothing more. 
“Jesse, I haven’t showered all day today. Do you mind if I rinse off real fast?” I ask my friend. “Sure, go ahead. Just hand me my wallet and phone from your bag,” he says. “Sweet, gimme one second,” I say to Jesse. “Yup, I’ll be right here,” he says and takes a seat on a plastic chair next to the water fountains.
The sweat was pouring down my face from the minute I hopped on the treadmill. Maybe all the perspiration was from the large amounts of water I consumed earlier. My shirt and shorts were soaked and beginning to smell. Jesse finished his workout and met me in the gymnasium for a quick lesson on how to put the ball in the basketball. He didn’t stand a chance and found himself walking off the court having lost two games of horse.
“I’ll be real fast,” I say as I walk down the hall toward the men’s locker room. It was about 10:30 P.M when we finished our workout and the gym usually shuts its doors at midnight. I’m still unable to comprehend why they just don’t stay open 24 hours. Anyway, I turn the corner, walk down the hall and enter the men’s locker room. Apart from an old man talking to his wife on the phone and the janitor refilling the soap dispenser, the locker room appeared to be empty.
There are three sections in the men’s locker room and each section has a bench and plenty of lockers where you can safely secure your items. I forgot to bring my lock today, so I passed the first two sections and progressed to the last section in the back. I spotted my locker and noticed that it was still open. Number 191 is the locker that I routinely use. It’s a little beat up around the edges, which has a greater likelihood of deterring theft.
“How are you doing?” I asked the gentlemen who was sitting on the bench. The young man was on the opposite side of the bench changing into his clothes. “I’m doing great and yourself?” he asked. “I’m doing well,” I responded back. That was the only exchange that took place between us on the bench. Simple everyday conversation was how I saw it.
With the sweaty clothes removed from my body and tucked away in locker 191, I wrapped my towel around my body, grabbed my shampoo and headed into the shower.
Out of the 8 showers in the locker room, 7 were available. Since the day I registered, shower stall number 8 had been ‘out of order’ with no sign of being repaired any time soon. “When are they going to fix that,” I murmured to myself. Having seen enough of the decommission shower stall; I moved to a different stall, pulled back the curtains and set my shampoo and conditioner down on the ground. I then pulled the shower curtain closed and turned on the water.
I love the initial feeling of contact with water, especially after a sweaty day like this. The way a constant stream of water produces Goosebumps on your skin is pure euphoria. My head was directly under the shower head enjoying every bit of water the high-pressured nozzle was releasing. I imagined falling asleep under this steady flow of water until the curtains I closed, opened!
I raised my head from the shower and saw the exact same individual from the bench starring at my lower body. He was just standing there; admiring whatever it was attached to my body that he liked.
“Uh…bro,” I said. In this situation, ‘Uh bro’ was all that my brain could construct. I was scared and shocked. I felt as if someone just trespassed onto private property. My private property! What should I say? I don’t want to say the wrong thing and upset him. “I’m sorry, but I…I’m not.” For some strange reason I was unable to generate a full sentence. “Oh, I was interested and thought you…” he said.  It appeared that the young man wasn’t able to form a complete sentence either. “I’m so sorry. Please don’t tell anyone about this. You promise you won’t tell anyone, right?” he frantically asked me. “You’re good,” I firmly said. “You promise, right?” the man asked one more time, as if he was begging a judge to reduce his sentence. “Don’t worry about it and I promise I won’t tell anyone,” I assured him.
The man left the room and I followed shortly after. As I turned the corner towards my locker I checked to see if the coast was clear. To be honest I was still a little raveled by what just happened. Unable to see any sign of him or anyone for that matter, I quickly and quietly changed my clothes and left the locker room.
I don’t know why I shared this story. Maybe I felt sorry about the way everything unfolded. Or maybe, I just wanted to write about something. Or perhaps, I shared this story because I am interested in your opinion and how you would have handled this situation.
Was the man in the shower fearless or a tad perverted? Opinions please.
In conclusion and most importantly, whether homosexual or heterosexual, we are all people. There is no room for discrimination or ostracizing. Period.

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  1. He was out of line. That’s no way to introduce yourself or hit on someone, that was straight up a violation of your rights to privacy. No different than if he had done that to a woman, it is offensive and I would go as far as to say, a perversion, to barge into the shower uninvited. I’m sorry that happened.

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