All scripts, stories and other literary works are registered and protected by and within various institutions. Most, if not all registration numbers are listed below each piece of work.


The Trip Home

Isabelle & Levi


The Last Shift


Seraph – Coming Soon

Sad Eyes

The Plight Of Us All

I Believe In Hell

Next In Line


A Gentle Goodnight

Down on the lake pier, René and Laurence share laughs and maybe a joint or two. On the drive back home, they share their time and
comfort a dying animal.

 Phillip and James

When Phillip stops off at a convenience store for directions, he meets James.

 A dramatic comedy.

Nylon Night

A short tale about a man and his anger.

The Cast

During an event at the Wilshire, a director unveils his leading lady.

The Storm

During a fierce storm at sea, a fisherman catches the unexpected.

Chalked Up

A group of seductive women ensnare adulterous men.


Corey Chambers, a pro basketball player living in France, receives a long awaited call in the middle of the night.

10 Turns

A MINER returns home with a very unique gift.


Margaret, a waitress in a small town believes it was “word of mouth” that brought in the traveler. But was it?


For Katherine, a grieving mother, a business trip overseas turns into a sequence of mysterious events.


VIC reflects on life while lying dead on the side of the road.

Tv Pilot – 

With the 2008 economic collapse imminent, three tight knit friends, who just so happen to be black, put their lives in America on hiatus and pursue new lives countless miles away, across the Pacific, in the Republic of Korea as English Teachers.

Tv Pilot – 

Assisted Living Log-line

Wellspring – FeATURE Film SCRIPT 

(working title, log line. Still writing…)

A fathers corrosive relationship with his family and the fallout of his children.

P I E C E S – FeATURE FiLM SCRIPT(sample) – 

A writer, wrestling with a story about his father’s Polio disability suddenly loses him to the same evil hand that took his mother. Gripped by an unshakable despair, it is the love of a recluse single mother, and the timely request of an elderly British woman with a layered past that gives him a new sense of purpose.

U N F O R T U N A T E – L O V E – FeATURE FiLM SCRIPT first 10 pages 

There is currently no log line for this screenplay as it is still in the process of being written.

PLIGHT – Updated FeATURE FiLM SCRIPT  first 5 pages – 

The lives of several New York residents collide once rough, uncut diamonds are smuggled into the bag of an unsuspecting traveler.

2015 Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Best Screenplay Winner

Registered with the Writers Guild of America, West. Registration# 1774812

SLIM Currently being Rewritten FeATURE FiLM SCRIPT   

2014 Scritapalooza Finalist

Slim Log-line
To be updated soon.

Registered with the Writers Guild of America, West. Registration# 1697586


REBEL script registered with the Writers Guild of America, West. Registration#  1710684

‘Seeing is Believing’ CoMMERCIAL SCRIPT – 

‘All I Need Is One’ CoMMERCIAL SCRIPT  –  

Why I left: Rewritten


For you T — “The Cast”

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