Check it! Who's the Black Sheep, What's the Black Sheep!

Check it! Who's the Black Sheep, What's the Black Sheep!

Offerings of a beautiful Monday to all who reside on the Western hemisphere. And for my acquaintances on the Eastern half, I hope your slumber is undisturbed.
Yes, I know the title has nothing to do with nothing, but just felt like quoting some ole school Black Sheep.
Okay, so regularly my mother and I read the ‘Daily Bread, Word and other spiritual literature in order to keep us guided through rough waters and for continued strength. It’s not unusual to find inspirational sayings, quotes and so on and so forth contained within.
Well yesterday, the Daily Bread had a sentence within it that read something like this: “When you forget yourself, you usually start doing something others will remember.” 
How awesome is that?
So now I know what needs to happen. A new brand of T-Shirt needs to flood the fashion circuits. Just an idea below, but I’m thinking something along these lines. A rough sketch created without a drawing tablet or sleep or my usual morning coffee, so be gentle.

Brand Ade`
An outline of ourselves with words to live by inside and around.

Opinions welcomed as always 😉

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