You must think if you wish to change your environment!

You must think if you wish to change your environment!

‘Use your situation no matter how bad, difficult or uncomfortable it may be, to achieve SUCCESS.  Think better to live better.’
If you follow this site and enjoy what is posted, then thank you so much. If you follow this site and have bought a copy of my short story, then I LOVE YOU. If this is your first time viewing the site, then I suggest that you click ‘follow’ at the top of the site and GO GET YO SELF A BOOK! Lol
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Once Upon Ade: Living Creative Portfolio displayed its first post on August 20, 2013. Since that day the site has been viewed over 1200 times. I don’t know about you but we are very happy with those numbers.
From here on out each post, image or story will continue to improve in clarity and be even more engaging for the reader. However, with that said the frequency of uploads and posts will decrease due to our steadfast focus on several other BEHEMOTH projects. And when I say BEHEMOTH, I mean HUGE. POTENTIAL GAME CHANGERS! Please pray that we are able to see these projects to the finish point.
Instead of daily updates and alerts, you can expect varying posts and uploads to be available on a weekly to bi-weekly basis.
Coming soon…
Short Stories
1.)    Panic at the Gate
2.)   42 (An interview with a soon to be released inmate) Inspired by the Herman                Wallace story.

1.)    42 – Oil Painting.

We ain't shavin...well hopefully we will be soon. haha.
We ain’t shavin…well hopefully we will be soon. haha.

 Thank you 🙂

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