A 'desk' Enema.

A 'desk' Enema.

Going through old files and organizing faded receipts is therapy. Just as a ‘booty’ Enema is a cleansing for the colon, rummaging through archaic documents clears up space, regulates the mind which in turn makes room for clarity. Fortunately, a ‘desk’ enema can be accomplished without having to inhale ‘Sh%$.

Anyway, it just so happened that during my ‘desk’ Enema, I came across this old DVD I obtained several years ago while in North Korea.  This famous North Korean Film is called 꽃화는 처녀: The Flower Girl.



Not sure what it is about, but several times I have heard that it is a good watch. So without further adieu, it’s a Friday movie night with moms in hot A$$ Arizona.

Reviews and comments forthcoming.

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