Aphex Twin #3

I feel like I am standing in a clearing. A clearing within a deep forest of endless Redwood trees. A forest laden with fallen leaves the color of burnt sienna. I feel bad for stepping on them. I should apologize, but I don’t know how. They must’ve fallen an awful long way. Because the trees, they are so tall. Breathtaking. Peaceful. I wonder how many years they’ve gone through? What they’ve seen and how many human breathes they’ve actually taken? I tilt back my head, look up to see that there’s no end. All there is, is light. Clear white light. Ray upon ray of warm light slicing it’s way through the swaying canopy above. The leaves silhouetted against the light are merely black dots. It doesn’t even look real. Maybe they’re birds. Yeah, maybe they are birds. Black and white birds of all species. I can hear them. All around me chirping, communicating. I wish I could fly with the birds. Maybe… No, actually, no I don’t. It’s good that we can’t physically fly. Soaring above the chaos below is something that only our minds need to do, not our bodies. My guess, if I was allotted one, would be that it is early evening. Sure feels like it. The sun is beginning to tire. I can see it, slowly tucking itself behind the snowcapped mountains far off in the distance. I wonder who’s over there? I wonder if they’re feeling the way I am? Wonder is all I can do though, because for some odd reason, I can’t move physically. I’m frozen by the warmth of it all. And although I can’t put one leg in front of the other, I have no desire to. Where I am at now is okay. The sweet, clean air smells so good. The hairs on my body raise high up straight every time I inhale and exhale. My mind wants to say it smells so fresh, but what exactly does fresh smell like? If here is the only thing I knew, the only thing I experienced, would I be able to truly distinguish what is and what is not? Probably not. So what am I saying… I don’t know exactly. And sometimes, that’s okay.

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