There’s truly nothing more gratifying than enduring. Making it through something… anything. The idea of, ‘making it through’ never coincides with simple, painless endeavors. Just the ones laden with pain and bereft of rest. ‘They’ say we are quick to remember the negative and rarely the positive. Well right now, I’m not thinking of the back aches, sore swollen hands, the long days and cold nights or even the sick feeling of having battled unforgiving seas time and time again. No. I’m actually sitting in a quiet library. Gazing out the window. Admiring the setting sun’s warm colors playing off an array of clouds drifting across an evening sky. It’s chilly here. The day is drawing to an end. Aside from the maintenance man and a few attendants, I’m alone. The corners of my mouth are slightly curved upward. You can say I’m smiling. But while it’s a subtle grin, inside my emotions are running wild as I think back on where I was. The maintenance man and I nod our heads at one another. So much is conveyed in a simple lowering and raising of one’s head. Slowly the maintenance man moves on, disappearing within shelves stacked high with books of all sorts. I turn my attention back to the window only to catch a bald eagle flapping it’s large wings in complete control of the sky as it soars by. I’m beat, but what a ride it was. What a ride it always is. That’s what’s it’s all about right, thinking back. Reflecting on a lived portion of your life. And if you are able to think back with a smile on your face then there’s so much more waiting for you around the bend. At least that’s how I see it.

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