Just scribble. Well, maybe a bit more.

Been dragging the last few days. Waking up late in the day to tightness in my head, scratchy throat, chills and those ungodly body aches. Yesterday, my brother Albert Watson sent me an email about a screenwriters meet up. I knew about it, but wasn’t going to go. It was cold outside and the meeting was in Scottsdale. 20 miles away from my home in Mesa. In the end, something pulled me and I went. Glad I did. It was good.
Then today rolls around and I wake up in an even deeper pit, in a dark, creative manhole if you will. Wondering what am I doing with my life. Why am I still chasing after the Holy Grail of dreams? A desire that seems perpetually out of reach. Focusing on the simplest of task has been bootless. Then I get a random call from Pat Les, another brother of mine, only with differing pigmentation. The energy in his voice was capable of being touched. We discussed everything. He spoke of conducting oneself with more positivity. And that the pursuit toward your goal and dream will be a lonely one. We spoke about perseverance and how some days we feel like a cat chasing it’s own tail. Those days will exist. They have to. We ended our conversation on the ‘chance moments’ that led Terrell Davis, bottom of the bench running back, nearly booking a return flight home, ditching a game he’d figured he wouldn’t see the field, to getting on the field and turning a forgone career into a hall of fame one. Anything is possible. First step is believing!

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