Need I say damn…

Just learned about a man, seemingly at peace, named Glen Ford who like so many other unfortunate human beings, was wrongfully imprisoned at Angola, Louisiana’s notorious State Penitentiary for the better part of 30 years. In March of 2014, Mr. Ford’s murder case was overturned, citing error on the part of the prosecutor. Mr. Ford was immediately released with a whopping 20 bucks (take your time spending that) and the worn clothes on his back. So here’s Fridays question for you. What would your FIRST thought be after the buzzer sounded and those cold steel bars slid back? Anger? Would you be planning a murderous rampage? Oh wait, I’m forgetting one more thing, Mr. Ford now has lung cancer and is a used up old, tooth-less black man living off donations from kind samaritans around the world.

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