Reflection after watching, Fruitvale Station by Ryan Cooler

For the longest time and for reasons even I myself don’t quite yet fully comprehend, I’ve been putting off watching, Fruitvale Station. Saw it tonight with moms, though. First and foremost, rest in peace Oscar Grant. And prayers for the family you left behind. Secondly, Ryan Coogler, good sir, you came with the fire in this film. But after watching Fruitvale Station where police brutality was highlighted in the senseless shooting of a black man lying facedown, a thought came over me as my mom wept on the couch behind. 

Years ago I read a book written by a man named, Clarence Walker. A counselor and ordained minister based out of Philadelphia. The book Dr. Walker wrote is titled, “Breaking Stongholds in the African American Family. Whatever I say can only pale in comparison to the sheer truth and power contained within this book. Maybe that’s why many people don’t know about it. But without delving too deep I will say that he defines a “stronghold” as the following:
A stronghold is a forceful stubborn argument, rationale, opinion, idea, and/or philosophy that is formed and resistant to the knowledge of Jesus Christ. The skillful use of spiritual weapons in spiritual warfare is required to break a stronghold.
Dr. Walker concludes by saying what I believe to be of profound significance:
“For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh.
I am in no way taking sides. Because in essence, there really isn’t any sides at all. The sides that we believe are against each other aren’t innately against each other. It’s a war our eyes aren’t able to see on our own. But yet, we continue to attack what we believe our eyes see as threatening with weapons of harsh rhetoric, fists, guns, bombs…etc.
Perhaps the same can be said about what’s happening around the world.

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