Just days ago. Just a few sunsets prior, I was somewhere else. Doing other things. Talking to other people. Thinking other thoughts. Thoughts that I now inhabit. Unfortunately. Maybe fortunately, who knows…
But I do know one thing. And that is that we take for granted the speed in which our conditions can change. I know I do. Then, just as we cross over that portal of change, we(I) long to return to our(my) previous environment. The cycle continues in that fashion. It’s perpetual. The DNA of human nature, I guess.

Today at the airport, in the terminal, I walked by the same spot I sat months ago, anxiously anticipating the adventure ahead of me. I saw myself, 17lbs heavier, bearded, head down, nervously hoping for a successful season. A variety of thoughts coming and going like passengers. Typical for an airport.
I smiled, sighed and shook my head as I powered forward to claim my baggage.

Success is a road paved with backaches, disagreements, tears, cuts and bruises. Not a huge payday. Although some extra green in the pockets sure is nice. But true success is when you survive your test, whatever it may be and come out mentally, physically and emotionally stronger than when you first began.

That’s what happened to me. Through the grace of God, I grew.

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