Temporarily Updated!

Temporarily Updated!

Good morning to my friends and family on American soil. Sweet Dreams to my counterparts on Korean and Singaporean soil. Hope you are all sleeping well. Good evening to my associates in Germany. Make sure you brush your teeth and drink a tall glass of water before calling it a night. And last but not least, good afternoon to my dearly missed friend in Chile.

Today is going to be a great day simply because I am very excited about this title. For those of you who are just now catching up to speed with ‘ineedatitle.wordpress.com, I have been searching for the ideal title for my book and I believe that I found one. Special thanks to Rynae Rasley for introducing this wonderful title to me. Currently, your idea for the title of my book has been the best…in my opinion. The book is still in the works and it is not out of the realm of possibility that a new, even better title could come into existence. As for now I just wanted to update the site and share!

If anyone has ideas for a potentially better title, please share it here.

Hope everyone is maximizing their day~

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