The complete TV Pilot script entitled "THE E-2'S", formerly known as "YOUNG GO-HARDS"…

The complete TV Pilot script entitled “THE E-2’S“, formerly known as “YOUNG GO-HARDS” will be uploaded and available for reading early tomorrow afternoon. All 68 pages, folks. Under the Scripts/Stories tab.
Caution: This is a very, verY, veRY, vERY, VERY different project for OnceUponeAde. Compared to his previous projects, you may think he’s fallen off the deep end. But read it through. Give it a chance. You may actually like it. So with that said, I hope you enjoy. And as always, constructive criticism is more than welcomed.
TV show log line: With the 2008 economic collapse imminent, three tight knit friends, who just so happen to be black, put their lives in America on hiatus and pursue new lives countless miles on the other side of the Pacific Ocean in the Republic of Korea.

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