take one movie clapper
Time. It moves. Quick. Sometimes faster than we wish. Often without us. It’s one constant entity in life that can disrupt our spiritual harmony. We run alongside time. We chase after it. Occasionally, it chases us. Time is akin to oil. Our expectations to water. They don’t mix, but we want them to. So we force them together and chaos ensues. Time shatters our expectations. Assumes his proper position on top. Why? Simply because it wasn’t time. Adhering to its mantra, time continues to move. Our expectations seem sedentary. But they’re not. And time is looking back at us. Because our expectations are only a matter of time. And time realizes that. Yet something is still missing. An additive. Time knows this ingredient, it’s realization. Time also knows that he needs this to mix with expectation. But this can’t be rushed. And time has to keep moving. Expectation gets comfortable. Loses view. Figures it might as well get used to being on the bottom. Time continues to pull life along. It removes contaminates. Chips away at dead skin. All while expectation sits. Ready, but with no expectations. Then. All of a sudden. Time removes a stone. Expectation opens it eyes. Grimacing at the light. Realization sits, gleaming, waiting, within arms reach. Expectation’s belly begins to ache. It’s nervous. Nearly atrophied, expectation moves languidly. Closes in on realization. Stands eye to eye, then latches on.

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