What’s the hardest thing in life?

What’s the hardest thing in life?
Potentially one of the most open ended, subjective questions one can ask. After all, what may be a struggle to you, could potentially be a cakewalk for me.
To date, the hardest thing in life for moi is: CHANGE. I believe we change everyday. Be it in our profession, relationships or in our personal lives. This change may be good, and unfortunately, it can also not be so good.
‘Why I left’ is a short story I wrote last year about the events leading to my decision to leave Asia. It was published and after several months of putting it out of my mind, it has found a way back into my ethos.
And I hate it. Lol. Damn you ethos!
WHY I LEFT – Rewritten
Why I left REWRITE – Chapter One

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